In African way: 10 romantic phrases to express your African love

Expressing what you feel has never been easy. It’s even more complex when it involves love and our better half is from another culture. In this case, as an African, do it in African phrases.

Dating in African has been old as farming but predominantly tribal ways. Development is fast approaching all corners of Africa, and love and relationship are taken another dimension. No longer how many cattle you have or lands or taken several beaten in other to profess your love.

Many African women are advancing from some barbaric tribal practices, and they only need words to express your love, but how to place the words that appeal to women in Africa? We give you a boost in this article:

Ten romantic phrases that might appeal to an African woman

Miss, you have lovely eyes

Yeah! African women are above all women. This tremendous universal classic that men take out indiscriminately can indeed affect when we know how to go about it. Emphasize any superlative (very, too much, etc.) and look there in the eye when you say it. It’s beautiful when it’s sincere!

I want you to be the mother of my children

African women love stability. This phrase honors them not only because it signifies that you are ready to engage with her but also because it means trusting her enough to entrust her with your offspring’s education.

Your curves make my head spin

In Africa, for many women, curves are appreciable. But be careful, do not say that to just anyone. You have to be a minimum of intimate with the woman you tell it to if you don’t intend to come off as a rude man. That said, African women love to point out how beautiful they are. And besides,, who doesn’t like compliments?

I could cross the Sahara desert to contemplate your ebony body

Do you know how hot it is in the Sahara Desert? Above all, it extends over 5,000 km from West to East? So say it, it will undoubtedly delight the ego of the lady, but especially do not try to take action.

I won’t trade you for anything, not even for Makeda!

For those to whom this name is unknown, Makeda is the queen of Sheba. Ah! It comes back? Makeda is famous not only because of part of her story told in the bible but also because she ruled Ethiopia with an iron fist. She was a stunning and powerful, fascinating woman. So imagine what it feels like to an African woman to hear her man relegate the great queen of Sheba to second place!

You are the root of my heart

This sentence immensely loves by African women; Straightforward, concise, and wonderful.

I’m ready to deny all my ancestors just for your smile

In Africa, parents, as well as ancestors, occupy an important place in social life. Even when they are no longer there, we continue to honor them! To deny his ancestors means for an African to renounce his identity, his belonging. Tell that to an African woman with the manner and watch her reaction.

Separation does not exist in our couple vocabulary

Certainly a little pretentious but also optimistic. It’s a phrase some guys often use when their sweetheart threatens to leave. She is pretty romantic, and you are sure to get a smile from your beloved.

My love for you is more overwhelming than Majnun’s for Leyla

Majnun and Leyla’s story is one of the most famous love stories in the Islamic world, from Central Asia to North Africa. Majnun, in love transit which refuses the hand of Leyla, will say to explain his love: “It is because you do not have my eyes. I see her beauty, and my love for her is endless. If you have an Arab woman who enjoys reading, she will love the reference.

I love you

This three-word phrase always has a magical effect when spoken at the right time and with love and sincerity. I won’t draw you a picture.

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