In Cameroon, “no live ammunition was fired” against the opposition

The Cameroonian government has denied the use of live ammunition to repress protesters from the MRC, the party of opponent Maurice Kamto.

Rene Emmanuel Sadi, the Minister of Communication, argues that “no live ammunition was fired” during the unauthorized march organized by the MRC.

He also announces arrests in some cities of the country. “Several individuals caught in the act of disruption of public order and assault were arrested and detained: 62 in Yaounde, 42 in Bafoussam and 13 in Mbouda (west),” wrote Mr. Sadi in a statement.

He said that “six wounded have been registered”. The RCN, for its part, states that several of its members were targeted by live ammunition during the march. “I am alarmed by the ease with which those who protect us return their weapons against the citizens. For the government, lives have no value Sad,” wrote on Twitter the candidate for the presidential election last October and famous lawyer Akere Muna.

Opponent Maurice Kamto claims victory in this election after being officially second in the polls behind Paul Biya, who was re-elected for a seventh consecutive term.

Since October, the party of Mr. Kamto organizes demonstrations “against the electoral heist” of which he claims to have been a victim.

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