“Inappropriate clothing”: 30 people arrested during yoga class in Iran

In Iran, the authorities had 30 people arrested while participating in a yoga class in Gorgan, a city in the north of the country. They wore “inappropriate clothing,” according to CNN and BBC reports.

Both men and women were arrested, just like the teacher. The remarkable event is reported by the official news agency ‘Young Journalists Club’ and the Tasnim news agency.

A source at the Crime Prevention Unit stated to the Young Journalists Club that the yoga teacher had advertised the course on social media. The man would not have been authorized to teach. Moreover, mixed lessons are not allowed in Iran.

He also said the participants wore “inappropriate outfits” and “behaved improperly.” Details about the clothing were not disclosed. The security services had been monitoring the home for some time.

According to BBC, professional yoga classes are prohibited in the country. CNN, on the other hand, reports that yoga is legal as long as the lessons are not mixed.

The news caused a fuss on social media in any case. “The authorities must now make it clear what is allowed in this country and what is not,” said a user. Others said they canceled their participation in yoga classes following the recent arrests.

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