Interesting facts: the Nuba tribe in Africa

The tribes of Africa are primitive savagery in the modern world. Nuba tribe in Sudan, indeed extraordinary, everyone seems brave, but lazy and weak men hardly marry.

In more than 50 countries in Africa, about 5 million people belong to wild tribes. They do not recognize modernity; they use and praise the gifts of their ancestors. They invent their fashion, traditions, and customs; they need modest huts, simple food, and an almost complete lack of clothing for their existence.

They do not train to read, write and read, and die of colds and cuts. Viruses that got to them from the modern world turn out to be fatal, while an ordinary person does not even notice the effect of bacteria on the body.

Just as their ancestors had subsistence farming many centuries ago, so the tribes are engaged in fishing, keeping livestock, hunting, and gathering. They characterize by marriages between members of the same tribe. They raise their children in such an environment, and they know from childhood that the same fate awaits them. The tribes make up of fifty ethnic groups that speak thousands of different languages.

Nuba tribe

Interesting facts: the Nuba tribe in Africa

The Nuba tribe is one of the most beautiful wild African tribes. The number is about 10,000 people, located in Sudan.

Their extraordinary natural beauty distinguishes the women of the tribe: elastic bodies, long slender legs, tall stature, dark shiny skin.

These people call themselves the “people of the hills” scattered along the border of Sudan. The Nuba tribe has long lived in the Nuba Mountains. For a long time, they were in natural isolation, not knowing the benefits of civilization. Naked and kind people looked more like overage children, real children of the African continent’s nature.

In the ears of men and women, earrings always adorn, bodies decorated with scarring. Ladies do piercings by inserting shiny quartz shards into their lips, complementing their look with artful makeup.

They do not shy away from art and sports. Nubas love to dance and the local form of wrestling practiced by members of the tribe attracts many onlookers. Traditionally, dances and fights carry out without any clothing.

Nuba marriage traditions

Interesting facts: the Nuba tribe in Africa

The tribe has fascinating marriage traditions. The uninhibited mountain girls independently look for a suitable groom in all respects. The potential bride informs the groom about her choice by performing a ritual dance, in the finale of which she throws her leg right on the shoulder of the chosen one. Fortunately, the special long-leggedness, narrowness of the hips, and local girls’ refinement allow them to do this trick easily.

After this gesture, the couple disappears from human eyes, but this is only the beginning of a long marriage ceremony. The inhabitants of the tribe could not be spoiled by the notorious “housing problem” because the groom, from the moment of “engagement,” began to build housing for his future family.

During this period, the man had to move to the shepherds’ hut. A girl in love secretly ran to him on dates, or the groom made his way to his beloved, spending the night under the roof of her parents. During the house’s construction, the couple could have children, but this did not give them the right to become a full-fledged family.

However, parents closely watched the construction work and took a potential son-in-law “on a pencil.” They studied his capabilities, evaluated his diligence. It is a kind of exam for the right to become the husband of their beloved daughter. A lazy applicant could be counted zero and refused marriage.

Cruel modernity

These were how life and world politics developed that the native mountains became the site of armed clashes between Sudan and South Sudan for many years, with the United States’ support. The Nubian Mountains are part of the South Kordofan province, which belongs to Sudan. But this is a disputed territory and attempts to partition it caused a war.

The Sudanese authorities have made much effort to destroy the hill people’s individuality create the best qualities. Unfortunately, they managed to mutilate the souls and beautiful bodies of the mountain inhabitants. First, they force to put on clothes. As a result, they stopped performing their traditional dances in full beauty and fighting naked.

Secondly, having learned the blessings of civilization, naive people turned into banal beggars, begging for change and things from tourists, and even learned to steal. The grazing problem led to an outflow of men to the cities; they returned with twisted souls and bouquets of venereal diseases from there.

The children of nature learned what money is, and they enslaved the mountain tribe, giving rise to envy, the desire for wealth, destroyed the former equality among their fellow tribesmen. The proud and beautiful people turned into many beggars, disfigured by previously unknown diseases and rags. They have lost their cheerfulness and carefree laughter.

The civilization and the government of Sudan in record time destroyed the unique African tribe of Nuba that had lived for centuries, giving rise to other unfortunate people on their lands.

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