Interesting things about Nikola Tesla’s experiments

Nikola Tesla is one of the most famous and mysterious scientists of the past. Most of his inventions are still classified as “secret” and modern physics is unable to make sense of his most interesting inventions.

One of his most mysterious discoveries was the transmission of energy without conductors. In his hands, light bulbs would light up at will, he would switch electric motors on and off remotely, and he even managed to pass an electric current of two million volts through himself. All this was happening in the 1890s.

Interesting experiments with electricity

In 1889, Nikola Tesla put a certain device in his attic that emitted vibrations. A few minutes later, neighboring houses began to shake violently, dishes began to break, and soon terrified residents were rushing into the streets. Everyone gathered at Tesla’s house, including the police. But fortunately or unfortunately, the excited scientist managed to destroy his device, and soon confessed that he could destroy the Brooklyn Bridge in a couple of hours.

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

In 1903, New Yorkers witnessed the testing of Tesla’s resonator tower. Hundreds of artificial lightning bolts appeared over the ocean and were over a hundred kilometers long. Nikola Tesla could use his tower to ignite various layers of the atmosphere, turning night into day, as Long Islanders testify.

In one of Tesla’s experiments, it emerged that his installation could power two hundred incandescent light bulbs scattered within a 42-kilometer radius of his home, where his laboratory was located. Nikola Tesla was convinced that if he could build a more powerful vibrator, he could power anything, anywhere in the world.

Tesla’s vibrator itself was a huge transformer with a 60-meter tower with a copper ball on top. This vibrator used the Earth as a conductor, where electric waves propagated through the Earth to the diametrically opposite point from the tower and then reflected back. Nikola Tesla himself believed that by building 12 such towers all over the Earth, it would be possible to provide wireless electricity to the entire world.

In the 1900s, Tesla could draw a current of 100 million amperes and 10,000 volts and maintain that state for as long as he wanted. Modern scientists are still unable to solve the riddle of Nikola Tesla and obtain such figures. Now science has reached the bar of 30 million amperes, and that is with the explosion of the electromagnetic bomb.

Disappearing ship with the help of Nikola Tesla

Soon the U.S. Navy became interested in the developments of the enigmatic scientist. To defeat the enemy, methods of elimination by means of electric strokes at a distance were developed, the creation of resonance weapons, and even the development of a prototype of a time machine.

But the epiphysis of Nicola’s military cooperation with the U.S. Navy was Project Rainbow. He developed stealth technology that allowed ships to be invisible to enemy radars. However, the experiments themselves were conducted by the military without Tesla, due to his death.

Using Tesla’s generators, the destroyer Eldridge was the first to test an electromagnetic bubble that allowed a ship to disappear from the radar. But the unexpected happened, and the destroyer disappeared not only from radar, but altogether.

Eyewitnesses testify that the ship appeared at a distance of 150 kilometers from the place of disappearance. It was a teleportation. But unfortunately, the entire crew that was on the destroyer went crazy and was dismissed as mentally unstable. Project Rainbow was shut down.

The Tunguska meteorite

Nikola Tesla’s experiments and calculations went so far as to suggest and, somehow, prove the inverse of Einstein’s theory that ether exists. He was convinced of the existence of the ether, for Einstein, in proving the impossibility of the ether’s existence, had thereby cited evidence in favor of its existence.

It was difficult for Nikola to imagine that radio waves exist but that the ether, the medium that carries these waves, does not. Without ether, it is impossible to prove the existence of ball lightning, believed Tesla, and it is true – the nature of ball lightning is still one of the most mysterious and unknown.

Nikola wanted to increase the performance of his resonator and came to the conclusion that if you create a resonant system Earth – Moon, it would be easy to transfer energy to any point on the planet at a lower cost than through the Earth. Nikola began to assemble the new installation, and when the day x approached, the calculations showed that the energy reflected from the Moon would hit one of Siberia’s regions. He was about to give up on the behavior, but after studying detailed maps and terrain data, he realized that the area was unpopulated.

The experiment was a success, but Nikola Tesla learned about it only from the headlines in the newspapers. Then he realized what a terrible weapon he had created. Knowing the human tendency to exterminate his own kind, he decided that his invention would die with him. The place of impact was the area of the Podkamennaya Tunguska River, a mysterious place where “according to official data” a meteorite fell, but there are still no reliable facts.

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