Intimate video of journalist Angie Perez causes sensation

The journalist starred in a highly erot!c video and was displayed on social networks. Angie Perez is a Venezuelan journalist who is often the target of many scandals in social networks.

She accuses stars of the entertainment industry in Venezuela of being corrupt. And therefore, alleged links they have with people within the government.

Some of the artists that the journalist has unmasked are:
Annarella Bono
Paula Bevilacqua
Djane Nany
Irrael Gómez
Migbelis Castellanos
Mimi Lasso
Mandi Meza
Miguel Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Mendoza

A couple of days ago began to circulate through Twitter information about an alleged intimate video of Angie Perez. Which was recorded in a luxury Inn.

At first, the video appeared with censorship. And dozens of cybernauts began to look for the original that would reveal all its spectacular anatomy.

Click here to see the video without censorship; discretion is advised

It seems that the video broadcast on social networks is part of the recording for MAN magazine of Grupo Zeta. A magazine for men in Spain and in which the journalist posed.

©Instagram-Angie Perez

Angie Perez commented that the video and the photographs came up at a very difficult moment in her life. So, economically she is having a very bad time.

“Hunger has the face of a dog. And, although I was aware that malicious people with low scruples would take advantage of this situation later in my career.”

It seems that the journalist is not sorry for those images. But she is angry with the people who spread the recording with the intention of affecting her.

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