Intriguing traditions of the peoples of Africa

You love her, then propose and marry her, so easy! That is not applicable in some Africa cultures. If you want to marry her, you will undergo a terrible fight—an overview of unusual traditions in Africa.

African culture, its traditions, and customs are often beyond our understanding. Their behavior and rituals seem wild, rude, and often cruel. But this is the flavor of this continent and its inhabitants.


Intriguing traditions of the peoples of Africa

Famadihana, which in translation from Malagasy means “turning of bones”. The traditional ceremony holds approximately every seven years. During it, family crypts open to get the remains of deceased ancestors and wrap them in a new shroud.

Then the deceased is lifted over his head, and they begin to dance with him and carry him around the yard. Natives of Madagascar believe that they honor the dead in this way, expressing their love and respect to them

Fierce fights for the bride

Intriguing traditions of the peoples of Africa
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The rules are simple: neither of the opponents puts on any protection, and both fight for real, not sparing the opponent.

The one who does not show pain and won, and he gets the bride. This is a very cruel custom and can often end in disaster for the participants.

Spitting on a child

Intriguing traditions of the peoples of Africa

The Maasai tribes in Kenya and Tanzania have a rather strange tradition. They continuously spit on their newborn babies. The Maasai people believe that in this way, they protect their children from evil spirits.

Inherited wife

Intriguing traditions of the peoples of Africa

The inherited wife is a forbidden ritual in Africa that is still practiced in many tribes today. Its essence lies in the fact that the brother of a man who has recently died can inherit the deceased’s wife.

This ritual performs to seal family ties. Unfortunately, this was an unfavorable impetus that led to the spread of many diseases, particularly AIDS.

Leader until the last act

Intriguing traditions of the peoples of Africa

Among the Shilluk people from central Africa, the leader could have up to a hundred of the most beautiful wives. But his lifespan was cut short when he ceased to cope with marital duties. They executed him solemnly, dedicating a ceremony of gratitude.


Intriguing traditions of the peoples of Africa
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One testicle is removed for adolescents so that twin is not born, which many African peoples consider a shame and an attraction of troubles.

Girls have their clitoris removed to keep their virginity until marriage. Sexual intercourse after clitoridectomy brings them pain; therefore, it reliably protects against sex.

Plates in the lips of African tribesmen

Intriguing traditions of the peoples of Africa

From an early age, stretch their lower lip, men and women from Mursi (which is partly done by girls from the Surma tribe) insert larger and larger plates into it. The record belongs to the Ethiopian beauty, whose lip stretched up to 19 cm in diameter.

Being overweight is a sign of wealth

Intriguing traditions of the peoples of Africa
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Mauritanians have a bizarre belief – the fuller a woman, the richer her husband. Even if a man is relatively poor and lives on the street, but at the same time, he has a fat wife, such a person is considered a respected and respected citizen.

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