Isiagu or Abada? Igbo clothing and appearance

Igbos, among Nigeria, is known for different traditional clothing varieties, which differ from the other tribes or ethnic groups in Nigeria.

The Igbo people are found in southeastern Nigeria and have many exciting practices and traditions. They are one of the most prominent and most influential tribes. The Igbos are known for their pioneering efforts in Nigeria and around the world.

Igbo clothing

Isiagu or Abada? Igbo clothing and appearance

The Igbo clothing traditionally consists of small garments, as the purpose of the outfit is to hide the private parts, although the elders are fully clothed. Children are usually nude from birth to adolescence (when they thought to have something to hide) but sometimes wear ornaments such as beads around the waist for medical reasons. Uli body art also adorns males and females in lines that formed patterns and designs on the physical body.

Isiagu or Abada? Igbo clothing and appearance

Men will wear a loincloth between the waist and legs to hold it in place on their backs, and this type of clothing is suitable for high temperatures, and types of work such as agriculture can also be tie to a package on the loincloth.

Isiagu or Abada? Igbo clothing and appearance
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The modern Igbo traditional costume usually consists of men, similar to the Isiagu top of the African Dashiki. The Isiagu (or Ishiagu) usually embroid with a lion’s head design on the garment, which can also be plain (typically black). It is worn with pants and can wear with a traditional title holder hat (called Okpu Agu or Agwu ) or a traditional Igbo striped men’s hat (similar to a Bobble hat) with a walking stick.

Young girls usually wear a short wrap with beads at the waist and other ornaments such as necklaces and beads. Both men and women wore wrappers.

Isiagu or Abada? Igbo clothing and appearance

The modern Igbo traditional clothing for women, a materialized puffed-sleeve shirt (influenced by European clothing), wore two wrappers and a headscarf and beads to adorn their neck and wrist.

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