Ivory Coast: anger and emotion after the ritual murder of a 4-year-old

#JesuisBouba dominates the social networks since a few days in Ivory Coast.

Bouba is the name of a four-year-old boy brutally murdered in Abidjan for the purpose of a ritual sacrifice.

This kind of tragedy is nothing new in the country, but this time the affair provokes a deep indignation, to the top of the state.

It is currently the best known portrait of Ivory Coast.

A young boy smiling in a blue plaid shirt brandishing his forefinger and middle finger in V.

Bouba, whose real name is Aboubacar Sidick Traoré, had been missing since the weekend of February 24th.

Resident of Williamsville district in central Abidjan, the 4-year-old was found in Cocody-Angré, in the east of the city, his body buried, limbs bound, throat slit.

The body was found after the indications of Etienne Sagno, a 27-year-old jeweler.

In an interrogation of the police filmed at night on the very place where little Bouba was discovered, he confesses to being the murderer and details his macabre mode of operation.

The reason for this barbarism: the hope of being rich by sacrificing a human being.

The jeweler reveals that it is a marabout who dictated to him these necessary instructions, according to him, to make the sacrifice effective.

According to the police, it had been a few years since any case of ritual sacrifice had been reported to them.

But in recent weeks, several cases of missing children have been reported.

The death of Bouba has caused a wave of anger in the country.

The Ivorian government, and even the first lady Dominique Ouattara, shared their sorrow on social networks.

Last Saturday, a silent march brought together dozens of people in Cocody-Angré with the slogan “Never again!”

Police sources said the five members of an organized criminal group were arrested and two were transferred to the public prosecutor’s office.

The marabout is still on the run.

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