Ivory Coast: The paralyzed city of Bloléquin, a gendarme killed

Blolequin, a city located in western Cote d’Ivoire has been the scene of clashes since the morning of Saturday, February 17.

According to several sources on the spot, there are two dead including a gendarme and a civilian.

According to reports collected by Abidjan.net, a gendarme shot and killed a taxi driver in circumstances that have not yet been clarified. In retaliation for this act the people decided to do justice by giving death to the policeman.

The people then erected barricades and attacked the gendarmerie of the city before burning the place.

The Cote d’Ivoire National Human Rights Commission expressed its concern over the events in the middle of the afternoon and called on the peoples to calm down while calling on the authorities to take the necessary measures to calm the situation.

A police source in Blolequin said: “Indeed the situation was much more difficult this morning, but the heat has calmed down somewhat. The authorities are trying to appease one another. You’ll know more in the next few hours.”

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