Jesus the Good Shepherd, Do not be afraid!

Jesus wants to take care of you and He loves you. If He is your shepherd then you don’t have to worry. Just read it in Psalm 23:4: ‘Even if I have to walk through a dark valley, I am not afraid, for You are close to me. Your shepherd’s staff protects me and guides me all the way.’

Perhaps you have seen a flock of sheep on television or in real life. A sheep has no defensive posture. This means that a sheep is defenseless! A sheep cannot run fast, has no sharp teeth and cannot kick. They rely completely on their shepherd to take care of them, keep them away from danger, protect them from wild animals and direct them in which way to go. Sheep don’t worry, because they know: As long as I stay with my shepherd, I’m safe!

The Bible says that Jesus is the Good Shepherd, who loves us dearly, is eager to care for and watches over us. All we have to do is stay with Him, listen to Him, and do what He says. Our Good Shepherd guides and protects us in every area of ​​our lives.

The Bible also says that wolves will come our way and attack us. But then we need not fear, for even if we walk through a dark valley, our good Shepherd is with us. His shepherd’s staff protects us and guides us all the way. So do not fear, because if you stay with Jesus, He is always very close to you!

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