Jet Li: sick and weakened, the actor is unrecognizable on photo

A film maker and movie hero Jet Li, 55, who has suffered from several health problems for years, was photographed last weekend.

His fans had a hard time recognizing him and they worried a lot about his look.

In 2013, the action-movie hero revealed that he had suffered from hyperthyroidism since 2010. This disorder of the thyroid gland can cause many symptoms, including weight loss, decreased muscle strength and heart problems. On the pictures shared on the canvas, we see the actor with an unidentified man helping him to visit a temple in Tibet.

His doctor advised him not to exercise because some of the symptoms of the illness included muscle weakness and sleep disturbances.

Years later, in an interview with The Straits Times in 2016, Jet Li said media reports about his health were too exaggerated. He added that he had recovered from hyperthyroidism, and added, “there is nothing to worry about my health”.

But the South China Morning Post reported on Saturday (May 19) that Li said last year that even though he was taking medication to control his thyroid, the disease “always came back”.

On Monday, Steven Chasman, his agent, reassured the fans when contacted by USA Today, he assured that his client is well: “It is only a picture and people derive interpretations,” he said.

If you take a picture of me at the wrong angle at the wrong time of the day, I would also look fragile. According to him, Jet Li’s days are not in danger: “We appreciate the interest that people have in him, but Jet is perfectly fine,” said Steven Chasman.

Everything is fine for him and it’s not a deadly disease, he is in great shape. The proof: it was announced at the casting of the live adaptation of Mulan, the famous Disney cartoon.

The photo below was shared by the actor earlier this year…

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