July 20: terrible extraterrestrial prophecy that alarms the internet

Since 2012, prophecies about the end of the world, extraterrestrial contacts or catastrophic events attributed to paranormal situations have paraded on social networks about the end of the world on July 20

Important figures such as Nostradamus and Baba Vanga surprised humanity with ancient predictions, however, the Brazilian medium Francisco Cándido Xavier joined the list, who 50 years ago shared a sinister prophecy that could be fulfilled this coming July 20.

According to Xavier this July 20 will be the date when the aliens finally visit the Earth and establish contact with the human race, however, the prediction becomes even more intense.

The prophet assured that there is an angelic community of the solar system whose mission is to put humanity to the test in order to integrate it into its community with privileged information about other civilizations.

In social networks, millions of users have already begun to discuss the possibilities and consequences of this extraterrestrial contact.

Strange biblical prophecy announces the extraterrestrial invasion

The evangelical theologian Kenton Beshore, President of the World Bible Society, affirmed that, according to a series of messages hidden in the Bible, the end of the world would take place before the year 2021 and would include a violent extraterrestrial invasion.

Beshore based his strange prediction on various verses of the Bible that foreshadowed the arrival of strong voices and lights from heaven announcing the second coming of Jesus Christ to Earth.

During his sermons, the theologian mentioned that before the arrival of Christ a series of catastrophes would take place on the planet that would include the rise of the Antichrist to power and numerous signs in the Sun, the Moon and the stars that would generate panic among the world population.

The false prophecy of September 23

David Meade is one of the main false prophets that caused several international headlines about the prophecy of the end of the world on September 23, 2017.

Meade claimed that Planet X, also known as Nibiru, would impact Earth and cause volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and earthquakes that would leave no trace of human life.

In addition, the prophet said that before the supposed impact of Nibiru would happen one of the most important episodes for believers: The Rapture, when it is assumed that the second coming of Jesus Christ would come to take the good Christians and leave the rest on Earth before of the total destruction of the planet.

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