Kanye West is going to make algae sneakers

More and more brands are investing in sustainability. Also, rapper and designer Kanye West now seems to jump on the green cart. Next year he will bring a new sneaker to the market, which not only looks futuristic but is also made from algae.

Kanye West was one of the speakers at the Fast Company Innovation Festival this week. There, he announced his plans for his new Yeezy sneakers. The new model – called Yeezy Foam Runners – will be made from a combination of the synthetic EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) and algae, and in particular, a foam that algae produce.

“Sustainability is becoming increasingly important,” said Steven Smith, Yeezy’s lead designer, at the festival. “It is just the first step and the beginning of the green future that Kanye West has in mind.”

The other half of Kim Kardashian also said the head office would move to Cody, an American location in the state of Wyoming. There he wants to set up a real farm to grow the algae. “We take the entire process – from seed to sole – under our wings.”

Yeezy Croc

That is a step in the green direction, but it remains doubtful whether the sneakers will sell like sweet rolls. After all, when the first images of the Yeezy Foam Runners appeared, there was a lot of commotion. Many fans could not appreciate the design and made a comparison with Crocs. The model has even been nicknamed Yeezy Croc.

It is not yet clear when the shoes will be launched. The price tag is already known: for one pair, you count $75.

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