Kenya: more than 120 nominations, Uhuru Kenyatta shows pragmatism

In Kenya, the announcement took everyone to class. President Uhuru Kenyatta has just appointed more than 120 people to senior posts in a large number of parastatal organizations.

An action between nepotism and political calculation.

In sectors as diverse as ports, cereals, oil, social security or the environment, Uhuru Kenyatta has imposed dozens of new heads.

First remark: the head of state once again consoles the losers of his party in the last elections. Like Suleiman Shahbal, Doyo Godana or Benjamin Cheboi who had all failed to become governors.

The Kenyan president had used the same tactic in January to recapture defeated allies in the elections, creating the position of Chief Administrative Secretary in each ministry. A function of which many still question the utility.

Uhuru Kenyatta was also open, naming opponents such as former MPs Augustino Neto and Charles Owino. He has also pushed Raila Odinga’s political confidant, Caroli Omondi, to the board of directors of the National Oil Corporation, a company that will become more strategic as Kenya is becoming an oil producer.

During the peace agreement signed between Raila Odinga and Uhuru in March, many opponents were waiting for a unity government.

It has not happened. “The president consoles opponents who hoped for ministerial positions,” says an expert.

These mass appointments are therefore a clearly political act for Uhuru Kenyatta, who does not seek to reward professionalism or merit, but to demonstrate pragmatism first.

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