Kenya: A woman asks for money to breastfeed her newborn

Mother is not every woman who gives birth, but every woman who accepts her responsibilities face to face and towards a child who has been born.

While certain women are ready for any sacrifices to know the enjoyment of the maternity (maternity hospital), others pay no attention to it.

Indeed, a young 25-year-old mother, having given birth to her child, refused to carry out her maternal duty. According to the information, she has required from her husband the sum of 900 euros, to breast-feed their offspring.

The four-month-old child was abandoned by her mother while the father was on duty. Alerted by the tears, it was the neighbours who took care of it until the father arrived.

The latter tried to make his wife listen to the reasons for breastfeeding their child but in vain through the interaction with his wife on phone.

“My mother took me to a hospital where my breasts were dried up. That means there is no more milk for your baby, even less for yourself. Besides, I will not set foot in this house again,” Faith Nyokabi answered on the phone.

She continues… “I’m coming back to nurse your son. However, under one condition: you must pay me first a sum of 100,000 shillings (861 euros). No question of promises. You have to pay cash. Take it or leave it”.

The husband lodged a complaint with the Children’s Department, of the Social Affairs Department in the region of Thika. And the case was immediately handed over to the Children’s Court of the neighbouring city of Murang’a.

According to Lina Mwangi, head of the Thika Children’s Department, the woman will be prosecuted for child negligence and denial of child protection and care.

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