Kenya: Chinese refers Kenyans and President as “monkeys”

A Chinese national has been denied his working permit and will be deported following the publication of a video in which he compared President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenyans to “monkeys”.

A Chinese national, identified as Liu Jiaqi, will be expelled from the country for making racist comments on a video posted on social networks.

In a two-minute video relayed on social networks, we see Chinese arguing with one of his employees, using racist slurs.

“All, all Kenyans … like a monkey, even Uhuru Kenyatta, all,” we hear.

After the suggestion of an employee to “go back to China”, the businessman replies more beautifully in (bad) English: “This is not my place here. I do not like this place, people like monkeys, I do not like talking to them, it smells bad, and poor and stupid, and black I do not like them Why not (like) whites, like Americans”?

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, Zhang Gang, assured that the video was dated June and that the Chinese had been sanctioned by his company and apologized to the Kenyan employee.

In Kenya, the highly represented Chinese community is very often accused of racism.

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