Kenya: Man gives reason for sleeping with cows (photo)

A man escaped the lynching in Bahati (Kenya) last Wednesday after the villagers railed on him for bestiality.

John Mwaura, 29, reportedly caught in the act with a cow on his neighbour’s farm, reports Kenyan website, Tuko

The owner, who had gone to the farm to harvest, found the man with the pants down. She stood up against him with blows, stones and sticks.

Encircled by the villagers, he confessed to committing the act, pointing out that he was the fifth cow with whom he had sex.

“I sleep with cows because girls can transmit HIV to me,” says a Kenyan.

“It’s not my first time, I had sex with four other cows in Ndunduri and Wanyororo, I apologize.”

“I always make love to cows when I feel the urge, because girls can transmit HIV to me.”

Just before the villagers poured their anger on Mwaura, the police arrived at the scene and took him to the Wanyororo police station.

He will be questioned before being formally charged for his crime.

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