Kenya: new corruption scandal affecting a government agency

In Kenya, a new corruption scandal was revealed by the press on June 10, about $60 million was diverted into the government agency Ketraco, in charge of power transmission lines in the country.

This is the fourth corruption scandal affecting a government agency that breaks out in less than a month, raising questions about the political motives behind this cascade of revelations.

First there was the bloated bills of Kenya Power, the national electricity company, and then the scandal of the national youth service accused of embezzling $90 million, followed by that of the Kenya Pipeline Company, a billion dollars; and on Sunday, the Ketraco, $60 million.

For John Gitongo, a famous anti-corruption activist, it is not a coincidence. Given the pace, breadth and accuracy of these revelations, it is clear that these scandals are the result of leaks within the government, he says.

The former journalist sees a campaign calculated for political ends.

The fight against corruption is first and foremost on the ground of public perception, he says. And in fact Uhuru Kenyatta recently declared a real war on corrupt officials, facing Kenyans increasingly skeptical.

On the side of the supporters of the vice-president William Ruto, one denounces a witch hunt. The scandals in the energy sector affect close relatives of the number two of the government, which aims for the presidency in 2022.

This is not the first time that Kenya has experienced repeated scandals. According to the researcher Nic Cheeseman, they can often win political capital, accuse enemies or be seen by the international community, but almost never lead to convictions.

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