Tanzanian “pastor” opens s3x church in the country

For several weeks, the video of a Tanzanian pastor, Nabii Tito, who allegedly opened a debauchery church in Kenya, has been circulating on social media.

According to information shared by a Twitter user @AdvBarryRoux, in this church, they drink beer, have an hour of s3x with the person sitting next, exchange their wives and husbands for sexual desires.

Tanzanian "pastor" opens s3x church in the country

The goal would be to teach women not to be jealous when the husband becomes unfaithful.

The shared photos and videos have angered many citizens who say they are the signs of the end of the world.

Tanzanian "pastor" opens s3x church in the country

“It’s official, the end of time is near,” wrote a user.

Some comments suggest that similar churches exist in other African countries.

Tanzanian "pastor" opens s3x church in the country

“I learned that there is a church of this kind in Zimbabwe called wapusa wapusa. Apparently, all the clothes are left at the entrance of the church. When everyone is in place, the lights are out,” tweeted Thandekile Moyo

The end of time one would say is really very close.

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