Kieron Jenkins asks guards in hospital for coffee and cookies and then takes off

Kieron Jenkins (30) had been arrested only a few hours last month before he could escape again. At the hospital, he had one guard running for coffee and asked the other for cookies a little later. When he was left alone, he fled the hospital in Coventry, British, barefoot and in green pajamas.

Jenkins was arrested for receiving stolen goods and for biting the arm of a cop chasing him. He had to go to the hospital for an evaluation of his mental health. He certainly turned out to be cunning. The judge called his demand for coffee and cookies on June 12 “a ruse” to escape – which also happened.

In order to catch Jenkins again, the police put in a helicopter. The criminal was just found at his house three days later, less than five kilometers from the hospital.

On Friday, the judge sentenced him to 14 months in prison. Jenkins had been known to the police before receiving stolen goods.

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