Ladies, here are things to expect when dating a broke man

The fact that a man does not have a job or is not lucky enough to find one does not prevent him from finding love.

While some women always say they can’t date broke men, others don’t care if they are broke. But you can’t enter into the latter kind of relationship based on less convincing beliefs. Surely not.

You have to be pretty sure that this is what you want and that you are ready for whatever comes of this relationship.

You also need to be sensibly sure of the type of man you are going to date. Frankly, while it’s admirable that you don’t care about his financial situation right now, you still need to be sure of his will and desire not to be broke for too long.

What is his attitude towards his finances? If you fall in love with a broke guy, here are some things you should prepare to put up with:

There will be a drawbacks

There will be some downsides in this relationship, especially if your previous relationship was with a wealthy man. You will have to make sacrifices. Do you know those things your ex-boyfriend did because he could afford it? You know those awesome and lovely gifts your friends get from their boyfriends and post on social media, sorry this new guy won’t be able to give you that luxury.

Ladies, here are things to expect when dating a broke man
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As people post their boyfriend on social media, you might not be able to do so for a while as you would like to stay away from questions and pressures.

The myth of having good se*x

It’s not like there is empirical result or statistics to back this claim, but rumors on the street back it up. Broke men believe in having some crazy s*xual skills and often trying to compensate for their financial weakness with s*xual prowess. This guy is likely to give you a good deal of s*x.

It could end in disaster

Ladies, here are things to expect when dating a broke man

Just because you are with a man when he has nothing does not guarantee that your love will be eternal. It’s sorrowful and brutal, but that’s how it is. You can run the whole supportive girlfriends program, you can be loyal and faithful and pray, and you can even give him your ATM card, and he’ll let you down when he starts making money on his own. I hope this doesn’t happen to you.

You will spend for him

You find yourself in a condition that will force you to spend money. You will have to share a portion of your salary with him while still trying to find his feet.

You will be under stress

Dating a broken man takes a lot of courage, especially with the stress that comes from family and friends. Close relatives and friends will question your right to do so, and if your standing is not strong enough, you may hesitate.

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