Mali: police seize nearly three tons of cannabis

In Mali, we know a little more about the origin of cannabis seized by the Central Office of Narcotics.

The police, who reported this on Friday, April 6 on the subject, have detected nearly three tons of drugs on board a truck-trailer near Bamako.

The drug suspectedly come from Ghana.

The drug was hidden in a specially arranged truck. On the surface of the load were coal and firewood, it the deep down, almost three tons of cannabis.

The Central Narcotics Office, specialized in the fight against drugs, led by Colonel Adama Tounkara, added that: the truck comes from Ghana. It is in this country that much of the cannabis circulating in the sub-region is cultivated. Two cities are located west of Ghana.

Intensive production

On site, the hot and humid climate is ideal for growing cannabis. The production is intensive. According to specialists, not only in Ghana is cultivated much of the cannabis that circulates in West Africa, but it is also in this country that the drug is packaged, especially in the cities of Tema, Kumasi and Accra.

False license plates

Nationals from the countries of the subregions are part of the traffickers network. And to cross countries without arousing suspicion, carriers often travel with fake number plates.

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