Man advises ladies not to wear underwears to easy rapists

On Facebook, a man identified as Love Udenso made a socially threatening remark under a post related to the young lady who was raped and murdered in a church.

The man commented that he would continue molesting ladies, and “nothing will happen”. Undenso advises ladies not to “wear pants and wear tight on top” because it is an act of wasting time for the perpetrators.

Social media users, especially ladies, believed that a man like him is not allowed to walk around freely in our society, and he is an accident waiting to happen.

A young lady, who captured his comment and accompanied it with her post adding that: “You and I may not be his victims, but what about those who will be, what if social media doesn’t get to know them and it’s swept under the carpet?”

“How can anyone be so ruthless?” she stressed. Complaining that “it is high time that our male children learn to respect women as much as women learn to dress properly.”

Actually, “rape” has very little to do with a woman’s dress code but has everything to do with a lack of self-control, psychology, personality disorder, and degradation of the perpetrator. There are a thousand and one ladies who are 100% ready and willing to give you sex, so why would you enforce it?

She explained that during the action, girls “cries, screams and begs, curses, bleeds, becomes weak, dies or becomes unconscious. And you have the guts to feel good about yourself?”

If you go through something that could be a reference point for your action, consult a doctor. Stop stealing the innocence of children, stop damaging life, self-confidence, and the future.

Below is his comment, and kindly plead that the proper authorities investigate this case.

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