Man take drug in overdose to perform high but died on top of prostitute

A man has paid a visit to a prostitute on Saturday with his life in the Brussels municipality of Sint-Joost-ten-Node. He would have had a heart attack during the act, French-speaking media reports.

The Brussels fire brigade confirms the death of Bruzz. The man would not have been a stranger in the red-light district of the Noordwijk. On Saturday night, however, his visit to a prostitute home in the Tennoodse Plantenstraat was fatal.

During the act the customer suddenly became unwell. Emergency services came on the spot but could no longer help the man. He left life on the spot. According to La Capital e and La Dernière Heure, the victim was a drug user and he died of the consequences of an overdose.

Bruzz, La Capitale, La Dernière Heure
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