Man thinks to have saved cute kitten, but then wild nature comes to light

Mathieu Patry was cycling in Canadian Quebec when he saw a kitten at the side of the road. But the little one had some other characteristics than a regular house cat. The real wild nature of the animal came to light.

Last month the man was on a bike in a wooded area when a small hairy ball caught his attention. There was a kitten just next to the path, all alone. “At first I assumed that it was a domestic cat,” Patry said. “So, I got off my mountain bike and went to see the kitten from closer.”

Then he realized his mistake. Although the animal looked like a cat, it also had other characteristics. “When I looked at his paws, I suspected it was a small lynx,” the man explained. “Then I saw the round ears and small short tails. I was very surprised that it turned out to be a wild animal.”

Patry did not know if the little one was an orphan or if the mother of the lynx was still in the neighbourhood. So, he decided to put the animal back in the same place and continue on his way. But the baby lynx could no longer put out of his mind.

The next day the Canadian went to take a look again. The little lynx was still there and yanked. His mother was unfortunately nowhere to be seen. Fearing that the baby would not save it alone, Patry decided to help. The man took the animal home and contacted the local zoo. He went there the next day with the baby lynx. There he learned that the little animal had lagged behind in his development, which could indicate that the little one had to put it without a mum.

But now it looks good again for the baby lynx. The zoo will raise it and turn it back into the wild as soon as it is sufficiently strong.

With a bit of luck, everything goes well with the little lynx and he will be able to live a normal life in the wild. Patry is now glad that he gave him a second chance.

“I love all animals, so it was normal for me to help if I could,” said Patry. “I am very happy that he is safe and that he is doing well, I am glad he will survive. He is so handsome.”

Source: The Dodo

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