Massive hacking of Kenyan government websites

In Kenya, government officials specializing in cybersecurity are trying to regain control of several government websites that were cyber – attacked on Monday. On the front pages of the eighteen targeted sites, there was a large logo identifying the hackers in question.

The other texts on the sites were illegible. Targeted websites include the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS), which is used to process all government payments.

According to a website attributed to hackers, the activities of the group include the cleaning of websites.

But the aim of the attackers is not really known to the Kenyan authorities. The attack follows a massive biometric registration operation initiated by the government to create, manage and store data on the country’s population.

Concerns had been expressed about how these data would be stored safely.

For his part, the spokesman of the government, Cyrus Oguna, reassured Kenyans about the security of computer systems. According to him, no personal information was compromised during the attack.

On Tuesday, some websites returned to normal, while others posted “on maintenance” by the government’s cybersecurity team. According to a recent report by Kenyan cybersecurity firm Serianu, more than ten million computer threats have been detected in Kenya in the last quarter of 2018.

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