Mauritania raises dust against Mali over the disappearance of her citizens

The Mauritanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Mohamed Dibassi, Mali’s ambassador accredited to Nouakchott, on Tuesday, March 8, to express its “strong protest against the recent recurrent criminal acts” committed by the Malian armed forces against Mauritanians.

Mauritania is pounding its fist on the table after dozens of Mauritanians have disappeared for nearly three days.

In a statement issued on Tuesday afternoon, March 8, the Mauritanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the Malian army of “recurring crimes against its nationals.

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In this document, Nouakchott announced that it had summoned Mohamed Dibassi, ambassador of the Republic of Mali, on Tuesday morning.

“The purpose of the summons was to inform the ambassador of our strong condemnation of recent recurrent criminal acts perpetrated by regular Malian forces against our innocent and defenseless citizens on Malian territory,” the statement said.

The Mauritanian ministry also recalled that a similar previous act prompted the dispatch of a high-level Mauritanian delegation to Mali, “in an attempt to contain this hostile behavior towards our citizens.

“Despite assurances given by the Malian authorities, their response “fell short of expectations,” the ministry said.

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In the afternoon of Tuesday, Mauritanians demonstrated in front of the presidency in Nouakchott to demand an end to the abuses committed by the Malian army against their compatriots.

This is the third security incident affecting Mauritanian nationals in Mali in two months. The latest was on Saturday, March 5, when two shopkeepers were shot and injured. In addition, on January 17, at least seven Mauritanians were killed on Malian territory, in a market in the town of Adel Bakrou, bordering Mali, near Nara.

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