Men hardly approach me? Things men look for in a woman

Whether it’s a shape or a beaming smile, several things can seduce a man and drive him crazy about a woman.

Individual differences, what a man want may be another man’s poison, but every man is born with likening of profit. What matters is the amount of profit each wants. As for woman, there are most things every man desire in every woman. Ranging from smile, attitutes, shape, neat to the body size. Below are things men want from a woman.


No one likes cranky people, especially those who don’t laugh at your jokes. Men tend to take great pride in their sense of humor. A girl who does not laugh at good jokes repels men. Smile, and it will make you even more attractive.


A woman who is not only ambitious but also independent attracts men. This does not mean that the girl will have to take complete care of herself, but being financially independent is advantageous.


A woman with good general knowledge sets herself apart from other women and attracts men. Being able to communicate and share your thoughts and opinions on different topics is a great advantage.


It is a fact that women gossip a lot. Therefore having a conversation with an equal exchange is an exception. In general, if you try to find out more about your partner, you will have more pleasant conversations, and you will discover things that you would never know just by talking about yourself.


Having your style that doesn’t copy that of all the other girls is incredible! It makes you unique.


A relationship requires compromise. Finding an open-minded woman ready to compromise is essential.


It’s not about super-cool clothes or tons of makeup; it’s about loving yourself and embracing your natural beauty. Everyone has their flaws, but knowing how to show the best parts and transform imperfections makes you unique.


Men like women who know what they want. It’s not just about knowing what to eat or what to do. It is about expressing yourself, sharing your opinion, and understanding how to be heard.

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