Messengers from Sirius: what did ancient Egypt tell us about aliens?

Astronauts from the Sirius star system arrived on planet Earth in the middle of the IV millennium BC, according to some sources. Their arrival was impressive!

Their ship landed on a lake, which the locals, who saw this miracle, called “Lake of Flame” or “Lake of Two Fires”. In a hymn dedicated to their arrival, Pharaoh Teti II exclaims: “That One (the king of the Egyptian gods) comes out, being the leader of the ship of the Sun.”

The hieroglyphic text of the hymn has reached our days without damage. The ancient Egyptians reacted to such an event in their own way – they assigned the epithets to the head of the arrivals: “Lord of Heaven”, “Lord of Power”.

Messengers from Sirius: what did ancient Egypt tell us about aliens?

Where is this “Lake of Flame” on which He landed? It is known from the papyrus chronicles that, in the view of the ancient Egyptians, He is always connected with the West for some reason.

Lake Chad is located to the West of Egypt. Maybe that’s where the alien interstellar ship landed? This is confirmed by the myth in which He used His wings to ferry the gods to the east.

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There were 9 people in the “Middle Eastern expedition” of aliens. At first, they were all together. In the future, they were divided as follows: there were six people left in Egypt, and three in Mesopotamia, and civilization was created there at the same time with Egypt at the same highest level!

There is a testimony of a Chaldean priest, according to which Pythagoras, telling his disciples about the journey to the ancient Chaldeans, said: “Having learned that the descendants of the ancient Chaldeans live near the city of Ur, I went there… I stopped near many tall stone pillars covered with various signs.”

An old man who was sleeping here came up to me and, penetrating my thought, said: “Venerable traveler! You are in the land of the Kelbens, we are so-called after the land of Sirius (Kelb, or the constellation of the Dog). On these monuments, we have counted his heavenly current in order to prolong his memory…”

According to another testimony of Pythagoras: “The priest of Memphis informed me: “The Theogony teaches that Osiris, having finished his mortal course on Earth, moved to heaven, to the constellation of the dog on Sirius.” The most important principle of Pythagoras’ life is the service of truth, so it is hardly possible to doubt the plausibility of his words.

But let’s return to Egypt. Surprisingly, history has preserved the names of the members of this clan of Pharaohs, probably because they were all deified by the Egyptians. This is their father – Ra. At first glance, it may seem strange why the name of the alien in the time of the Pharaohs was connected with the sun-god?

This phenomenon is clarified by the story of the Egyptian priest Pythagoras: “The Sun was our first god and the first ruler. His direct dominion over us lasted 30 thousand years. But Egypt had two kings. Some were kings-gods, others kings-people.”

Subsequently, when the pharaohs ruled Egypt, the concept of an ancient Deity – the Sun – was connected with the “God Ra” — man. This was advantageous since the Pharaoh identified his person with the God Ra.

The ancestor of the family was the goddess Neith. With Ra’s father, his three sons arrived on the planet Earth: Osiris and his wife Isis; He and his wife Maat and the youngest unmarried son Set. During the reign of Osiris, the earthly history of Egypt began. The aliens did not enslave the local population but managed to subdue them with their kind attitude and direct their work in the right direction. These teachings were extremely fruitful for earthlings.

How were the functions distributed among the members of the family of stellar aliens? He devoted all his time to creating the technical improvements necessary for the country and teaching the aborigines crafts. His father, Ra, was involved in all this, and Seth helped.

Osiris taught the Egyptians to cultivate the land and eat its fruits. Isis and Maat taught women how to run a household, raise children. There are even some details of the method by which Maat (the goddess of order) taught women. So, for example, in order not to forget to make the bed, Maat said: “A disease creeps into an unmade bed.”

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He taught in the same way. Having torn out the veins of a poisonous animal, he made strings out of them for his lyre and told people: “This is how evil should be turned into good.”

They took care of instilling good morals among earthlings, respect for parents. They taught: “If you have a broken heart, then know that you will hug your children and kiss your wife and see your home – because this is the most beautiful thing in the world.” “A man must imitate what his father has done.”

Messengers from Sirius: what did ancient Egypt tell us about aliens?

The ethical standards were very high. The ideal of transformation was the creation of a nation of hardworking citizens with a patriarchal lifestyle. It was believed that hardworking people are indomitable and invincible. The weak people become depraved or enslaved.

The rule of the ruler’s behavior has been preserved: “Do the truth, and you will succeed on Earth. Calm the weeping one, do not oppress, do not drive a man from his father’s property, do not execute him unnecessarily. Love an active life, distinguish people by their abilities, do not give preference to the son of a person.” According to the Memphite priest, the Egyptians lived without knowing fanaticism and slavery in those ancient times.

It took many years to create a state with an established economy and well-established moral principles. However, after the successes in Egypt, Osiris, as the myth says, went to enlighten other peoples, entrusting the duties of the ruler to Thoth. However, the Latter, busy with technical problems, decided to transfer administrative functions to his brother Set or the son of Osiris Horus.

Seth apparently had neither the organizational gift of Osiris nor the technical genius of Thoth. In addition, he was not married, which gave rise to a story in the time of the Pharaohs that Seth killed him out of envy of Osiris.

In fact, according to ancient legends, in order to avoid discord between Set and Horus, they decided to ask the mother Goddess Neith for advice. “And He said: Will the rank of Osiris be given to Set, while his son Horus is present? And the gods answered: Let us not act in our ignorance, but let us send a message to Neith, the great mother of the gods, and what she says, yes, we will create.”

And then the gods said to Thoth: “Compose a message to Her… And then He sat down to compose a message… “What can these men do to us? No one knows how to judge them both. Will you let us know what they should do?”

And then Nate, the great mother of the gods, sent a message to the nine aliens, saying: “Give the rank of Osiris to his son Horus, and give the two daughters of Osiris to Seth as a wife.” And Nate’s message reached the nine, and they said with one mouth: “This goddess is right!”

Horus became the ruler, and He began the grandiose construction of the pyramids. According to the Memphite priest, all the construction was done “with the singing or the tone of the flute.” He chose the most capable aborigines and not only taught them to read and write but also gave them technical knowledge. He outlined this knowledge in a Book.

According to the testimony of the priest of Heliopolis, He built a house of statues that served to measure the Nile, founded a city with a lighthouse on the slope of Mount Osiris, which he made like a tower, erected a Temple of the Sun, about which Pythagoras spoke as follows: “The genius of the Architect seemed to want to ascend to the height of his subject. The plan of the building is drawn with bold majesty. On the inner walls of the Temple, I learned from the inscriptions with great care a calendar from many circles one to another compiled…”

Such complex structures speak about the highest technology of the aliens, about their patronage to earthlings. They gave them such difficult technical processes as the production of nickel and cobalt, and this was back in the pre-dynastic era. The aliens were the greatest astronomers, and they also tried to pass on this knowledge to earthlings. Astronomy developed rapidly in Egypt.

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Their greatest merit was also taking care of people’s health. It is no coincidence that the Egyptians called Thoth “the God of longevity”, “the Lord of life”. Ancient Egyptian medicine immediately soared to a high level.

According to the testimony of the same Memphite priest, the Egyptians of that time “lived without knowing diseases and the burden of old age.” However, no one has power over time, the legends say: “Having grown old… Ra retired to heaven, leaving the kingdom to the gods descended from him in turn.”

The regression began with the first pharaohs. So, even the first king of Egypt, Zlot-Tamus, “expressed” Tota about the creation of schools for the training of specialists from the Egyptians: “You multiply the number of the half-wise.” The second king of Egypt was Menes. Since that time, the Egyptian cult mythology was created, which distorted the true ancient Egyptian history.

So after a few generations in Egypt, there was a system of the absolute, unlimited, despotic power of the pharaohs.

In these circumstances, the sons of Seth and other descendants of aliens. Those who remained on Earth did not interfere in the affairs of the state but formed a caste of priests. The main purpose of their activity was to create hiding places where they tried to preserve the higher knowledge of their predecessors intact in order to leave traces for their distant descendants.

At the end of the VI century BC, the priests still kept the teachings of Trismegistus intact, but at the direction of the High Priest, they made a sacrament of this teaching, since it was officially persecuted.

By instilling mysticism and fanaticism in the country, the pharaohs and their henchmen secured unlimited power over the people. All this led to the fact that Egypt could not reach those peaks of spiritual life that were characteristic of the era of aliens.

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