Michael Buble fainted when he heard that son is cancer free

The Canadian crooner Michael Buble (41) has told a bit more about his son Noah, who has been treated for liver cancer for the past two years. In an episode of ‘Carpool Karaoke’ the singer let tears know that he went through hell. “My life stopped after that bad diagnosis.”

According to Buble, who is married to the Argentinian model Luisana Lopilato (31), it is still extremely painful and difficult to talk about what happened to his family two years ago. He wonders where he got the strength to go on with his life, with a sick child in the background. “We have lived from day to day in recent years.”

Little Noah (5) became ill when he was three years old. After the diagnosis of liver cancer, surgery followed and chemotherapy and other treatments followed. Buble immediately stopped acting to assist his son and family with Lopilato, he also has son Elias (2) and daughter Vida (three months). “I really had to be there for them”, says Buble, who recently gave a concert for the first time.

Cancer free
After all treatments, the singer was recently said that Noah is cancer free and that the chance of her illness ever returning is almost zero. “When the doctors said that he is okay, I literally fell over and my wife had to pick me up. I’ve been strong all this time, but I just could not handle this great news”, it sounded in the car with James Corden. He also immediately made an appeal to everyone to donate for more research into cancer. “I know how insane it is when such a disease can be cured.”

The prognosis of a liver tumour in children is usually favourable. Often the tumour is too large to be removed after diagnosis, so a chemotherapy follows in an attempt to reduce the tumour. Then the tumour can usually be removed. In the worst case, the patient has to undergo a liver transplant, but children often endure such an intervention very well.

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