Michael Jordan basketball shoes yield a record amount

The shoes on which former top basketball player Michael Jordan wore in the NBA in 1985 have yielded no less than 560,000 dollars at an auction. The bidding at Sotheby’s ended on Sunday.

The amount, an absolute record for basketball shoes, far exceeds expectations. The proceeds were expected to be between $100,000 and $150,000.

The autographed sneakers, the Nike Air Jordan 1, only became worth more as ESPN and Netflix broadcast a critically acclaimed documentary on the legendary basketball player of the Chicago Bulls.

The Last Dance is about Jordan’s last year of success with the Bulls, with which he captured the title in the American pro-competition NBA for the sixth time. In the series, the now 57-year-old Jordan explains the many unique footages.

The now auctioned shoes in size 48 and the colors of the Bulls (red, white, and black) were specially made for Jordan. It was possible to bid for a week.

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