Mister Olympia, Big Ramy breaks another record!

Reigning Mister Olympia bodybuilding champion in 2020 and 2021, Egyptian IFBB professional bodybuilder Mamdouh Mohammed Hassan Elssbiay, better known as Big Ramy, allegedly took the second woman in secret, some media reported in the Middle East.

Currently married to Marwa and father of three daughters, the Egyptian bodybuilder Mamdouh Mohammed Hassan Elssbiay aka Big Ramy, 37, would have married a new wife, according to Cairo24. The Arabic-speaking Egyptian media even reported that the wedding celebration of the bodybuilding champion took place in secret in a hotel in Alexandria, Egypt. This marriage would make Big Ramy the first polygamous Mister Olympia champion in the history of sports.

To confirm the information, the Egyptian journalist Radwa El-Sherbiny posted a tweet about this second marriage of Big Ramy. The message was accompanied by a wedding photo of the Egyptian bodybuilder, next to a photo of his first wife. “At the time of writing, some have refuted the news and claimed that the leaked wedding photos were taken during the filming of a scene for an upcoming Ramadan 2022 TV series. It had already been reported that Big Ramy would be starring in the TV series that is going into production,” she said.

“After this information, it seems that Big Ramy’s brother, Mohammed, confirmed the news of Ramy’s second marriage. He also said that the family was fully aware of his decision about two days earlier. The family did not attend the wedding to avoid hurting Marwa’s feelings. Mohammed also defended his brother’s decision, noting that Ramy had his own reasons for the second marriage,” she revealed.

“Even if he didn’t go into details. Big Ramy’s brother also indicated that Ramy’s first wife, Marwa, was not informed of the second marriage until much later. Marwa was in shock and had difficulty absorbing the information,” she continued. If this information is true, it will make Big Ramy the first polygamous Mister Olympia.

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