Mohamed Salah, the “Egyptian king” of football, has twin brother? find out…

Resembling Mohamed Salah, the man with the golden feet of football, doubly distinguished by the prestigious title of Premier League Player of the Year and best player in England, is an honor and a privilege for one of his young Egyptian compatriots who bring him to the skies: Ahmed Bahaa, 30 years old, business engineer of his state, a native of Nagrig, in the governorate of Gharbia.

This disturbing physical similarity, which he cultivates with particular care (size of the beard, hairstyle, and wearing shirts or t-shirts identical) since 2016 when he had the great happiness to cross the road of his champion has elevated him to the rank of a quasi-official look-alike of the Liverpool FC star in the country of the Pharaohs.

“Mohamed Salah was surprised when he saw me, he could not believe it,” said Ahmed Bahaa, not without a certain pride, remembering this unexpected encounter rich in beautiful emotions at the microphone of SkySports. “I remember exactly what he said: he told me that he felt like he was facing a mirror. But in fact, it’s him who looks like me, because I’m older than him,” he exclaimed with a malicious glint in his eyes.

In the art of deceiving his world, Ahmed Bahaa is a master of this matter… He proved it again brilliantly last week, in a big cafe in Cairo where his very noticed presence caused a sensation, causing a crowd in a fraction of seconds. Convinced to see Mohamed Salah in the flesh, at hand, Egyptian customers rushed unknowingly to his double to immortalize the moment, under the cracklings of flashes.

Far from being burdensome, his striking resemblance to the one who has been dubbed the “Egyptian King” in the British kingdom, by his unconditional fans who worship him and have composed a hymn to his glory, is a true gift from heaven for Ahmed Bahaa. “This is the only thing that brings joy to Egypt right now, and it makes me proud and happy at the same time,” he said.

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