More than 70,000 Syrians on the run in 48 hours

According to United Nations humanitarian organisations, more than 70,000 people have been displaced within 48 hours since the start of the Turkish invasion in northeastern Syria. Most people have fled from the Ras al-Ain, and Tall Abjad regions report the UN World Food Program (WFP) in Geneva.

The organisations are very concerned about the escalation of violence. The Turkish government has promised to do everything in its power to protect civilians and prevent damage being done to civilians, according to the UN emergency coordinator, Mark Lowcock, in Ankara. But according to the UN, water supplies, dams, power plants and oil fields, among other things, were affected by the ground attacks of Turkish troops or groups close to the Turkish army, a spokesperson says.

The reports of high crime and violence come from regions in north-eastern Syria that has long been in the hands of Turkish troops or groups associated with them, such as Afrin or al-Bab.

People accused of supporting Kurdish groups are being abused and kidnapped, and houses are being plundered. In the meantime, the local authorities have set up four reception centres in Raqqa for people who have been displaced, according to the World Food Programme.

“Military operations in northeastern Syria are likely to exacerbate the already tense humanitarian situation,” warned Najat Rochdi, UN Special Envoy for Syria.

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