Most powerful African queens in history to know

Africa in the ancient world was home to some of the world’s best leaders. Among those leaders were queens who ran their kingdoms with precision and power. Their leadership left a permanent mark on history. We take a glimpse at some of the most historic ancient African queens.

Historically, throughout human history, women have been perceived as physically and emotionally weak. However, there are thousands of examples where this is not a blind truth. Women have had the same ability to rule, power, strength, and possess and demonstrate warfare and political skills as men.

These African queens fully support my contention that you would be in awe and wonder at their intelligence and character’s strength if they study in detail.

They are not queens at ease. They face many threatening situations and dire consequences throughout the rule. Yet, most of the time, victory.

There are other great women in history, even today. The average woman today is no less than the queens of the past. She had to work hard and fight for her place to survive, too alone. There was no army to support them, but they were their army. Their strength and will to combat the situation and win is their destiny.

List of the powerful queen in Africa

1. Queen Makeda

Queen Makeda
©twitter – Queen Makeda

Also called the Queen of Sheba, Queen Makeda is one of the most famous African queens in history. Makeda achieved outstanding achievements during his reign 3,000 years ago. She hails as the embodiment of divine wisdom.

2. Queen Idia

Queen Idia
©Kingdom of Benin – Queen Idia

Considered Benin’s first queen mother, Idia was the mother of Esigie, the Oba (the king) of Benin between 1504 and 1550. She played an essential role in the rise and reign of her son. She describes as a warrior.

3. Queen Amanirenas

Queen Amanirenas
©Khan Academy – Queen Amanirenas

Blind in one eye, Amanirenas was the second queen of Kush’s Kingdom in modern Sudan. She was generally known as Queen Mother or Kandake, and the title gives to the indigenous people’s reigning queen. This is because of her role in leading Kushite armies against the Romans in a war that lasted for five years.

To this day, Queen Amanirenas is said to be the bravest, bravest, and most loyal ruler in the kingdom.

4. Queen Nandi

Queen Nandi
©Africulture – Queen Nandi

The mother of Shaka Zulu, Nandi, had a child out of wedlock. She became pregnant out of wedlock by Jama’s son, Senzangakhonaka. Nandi suffered humiliations at the hands of his illegitimate son. But she did not let herself demoralize.

She raised her son with values and made him the leader we know today. When Shaka became king, he appointed Nandi as Queen of the Zulu people and as his advisor. From that point on, Nandi was considered a true queen. Queen Nandi recognize for her strong will, resilience, and courage.

5. Queen Amina

Queen Amina
©Mvslim – Queen Amina

Amina, also called “the warrior queen,” became the queen of the kingdom of Zazzau (now Zaria, one of the main cities of the state of Kaduna in northern Nigeria) after the death of her younger brother, Karama. She developed an undeniable talent for the military arts and became famous for her bravery and her exploits. Her martial prowess and leadership earned her great respect throughout the kingdom.

6. Queen Nzinga

Queen Nzinga
©The Mary Sue – Queen Nzinga

Daughter of King Kilombo of Ndongo and Queen Kengela. Sister of Mbandi, Kifunji and Mukambu. She was the queen of the kingdom of Ndongo and the kingdom of Matamba in what is now Angola. She was a crucial figure in the history of African resistance to colonialism. She is considered a symbol of the strength of African women.

7. Queen Tiye

Queen Tiye
©Ancient Origins – Queen Tiye

Queen Tiye is the royal wife of Amenhotep III, the mother of Akhenaton, and the grandmother of Tutankhamun. She is considered the most influential woman of her time.

8. Nefertiti – queen of ancient Kemet

Queen Nefertiti
©history – Queen Nefertiti

Queen Nefertiti is considered the queen who ended the war between Lower and Upper Kemet when she decided to challenge their indifference by defiling Ramesses II – the pharaoh of Lower Egypt. To this day, there are several monuments to their epic love story in Abu Simbel. She was also considered by historians to be the eldest daughter of Amenhotep III, who played an active role in the reorganization of ancient Egyptian civilization.

Queen Nefertiti place above all other Egyptian queens. Therefore, his name includes in the Egyptian Royal Vortex. Also, several statues and drawings commemorate him in Egypt. There are also several songs and folk tales that talk about her and King Akhenaten, or Ramesses II, and how they met with strong resistance from priests of the time but eventually prevailed.

9. Yaa Asantewaa – Ashanti kingdom, Ghana

 Yaa Asantewaa – Ashanti kingdom, Ghana
©pinterest – Yaa Asantewaa – Ashanti kingdom, Ghana

Ghanaian Yaa Asantewaa is known as the woman who fearlessly fought the British colonialists until she went into exile. Her last speech to the chiefs who were about to emerge from the war against the settlers inspired several people to fight against the British to free their king: King Prempeh, captured by the British. Queen Asantewaa, along with other warriors, managed to keep the British army at the fortress but was eventually arrested and exiled. Historically, Yaa Asantewaa is considered the last woman to fight a major war against the settlers, and her name will remember throughout African history.

10. Queen Candace of Ethiopia

 Queen Candace
©Sola Rey – Queen Candace

To attempt to conquer the formidable kingdom of Ancient Egypt, Alexander must first invade Ethiopia in 332 BC. But his army could not pass through Ethiopia as it commands by one of the most feared generals of the time, Queen Candace. King Alexander, seeing this, decided to withdraw his army because he could not risk being defeated by this great African Empress. And so far, Candace is historically recognized as one of the strongest tacticians in military matters who also possesses excellent military command skills.

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