Multimillionaire lives on $100 a month and wants to donate his fortune

The Chinese multimillionaire Chow Yun-fat (63), an actor who became rich with the help of his successful films like ‘Pirates of the Carribean’, says he is living on barely $100 a month. He wants to donate his entire fortune, about $714 million, to the charity.

The film legend had recently been invited to Hong Kong for an interview to promote his latest film. He said about his economic lifestyle. For example, he used the same Nokia phone for 17 years. Only when it broke recently, did he buy a smartphone. He does not need expensive clothes either. “If it’s comfortable, it’s been good for me for a long time. I wear clothes for myself, not to please others.”

He also said that he would donate his full assets to the charity after his death. “I want to be a happy and normal person. The most important thing in life is not how much money you earn. Well that you have a healthy mind and can live simply and carefree.”

No children
The actor has been making a living for more than 40 years and played in films such as ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, ‘The Killer’, ‘A Better Tomorrow’ and many others. In 1986 he married Jasmine Tan. After his wife had a miscarriage, the couple decided not to have children.

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