My butt is firmer! rival wildly attacks Miss Brazilian 2018 BumBum winner

The last edition of the Miss BumBum contest in Brazil ended in the middle of a fight and hundreds of ridicules, as the winner of the prize for the best bum, Ellen Santana, was attacked by Aline Uva, the winner of the second place, who claimed to have the ‘Naches’ firmer than her.

When Ellen was awarded the title ribbon, Aline approached her and instead of embracing her, as her rival believed, she rushed at her to take the tape and snatched it away until she managed to put it on.

“The ass they reward is silicone, the band is mine,” claimed Aline.

Ellen did not give much importance to the words of Aline and showed who had the best attributes putting her back to the public showing her rear in all its splendour with an erotic dance, driving the audience crazy, who burst into applause.

Meanwhile, Aline with the official band was only the object of looks and ‘giggles’ from the audience, which ignored her for her arrogance.

When the press came to question those involved in the event, Aline explained: “I snatched the tape because I’m the only woman who really deserves the title.”

For its part, the winner of the contest celebrated that the public has recognized her with or without a band as the undisputed winner: She took my tape, but he could never take my title off,” she said proudly. She added: “I worked very hard and I deserve to be the winner because my back is by far the firmest. To be a winner you need to know how to lose. If I had lost, I would have done it with dignity, unlike her,” declared the voluptuous Miss BumBum 2018.

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