Na!ked pole dancer surprised bus passengers in Sydney

She got on the bus, undressed, performed some sort of pole dance and then went around to raise money. But her comic strip, somewhere along the way in Sydney, did not appeal to everyone.

Passengers on a bus between Marrickville and Bondi Junction in Sydney drew big eyes when a woman stepped into Chippendale with her friend and started to strip a bit later. The lady committed at least one offense because she danced in a zone of the bus where you can not stand. The woman finally turned a scarf, went off the bus again and disappeared into anonymity. She was filmed by security cameras.

The story soon did the round. Even the Minister of Transport of New South Wales had to respond to the incident for television. “People just have to get on, act and get out again, it’s that simple,” he told 7 News. And about the driver who had informed the dispatching: “They do not want passengers who behave like clowns on their buses”.

7 News Sydney
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