New Galaxy X, a collapsible smartphone more expensive than iPhone x

The Galaxy X, which is scheduled for 2019, could be more expensive than the iPhone X. While the two giants of telephony are in a tough competition, as much in terms of technology, marketing and tariff, the Galaxy X could do any of the difference.

It is expected since 2016 and should be presented to operators at the CES of 2019 to come out the same year, according to Kim Jang-yeol, analyst Golden Bridge Investment.

According to the Korean, Forbes, the phone could cost 2 million won, or 1562 euros, which would be more than 1 million CFA. This award would give it the title of the most expensive smartphone on the market and tickle the ego of some technology lovers. This price could be acceptable, in that the Galaxy X would be the only smartphone to have a foldable screen.

A large screen of 7.3 inches
According to Kim Jang-yeol, the folding screen would have a diagonal of 7.3 inches. Once folded, the Korean says it would be 4.5 inches. All this would be possible according to “artificial muscles” that would help the movement of components to handle the screen without damaging it.

According to Forbes, quoting analyst Park Hyung-woo from Shinhan Financial, in addition to the foldable screen of 7.3 inches, the phone will have an external screen, which will be accessed as soon as the main screen is folded.

Even if this information is true, they are nevertheless to be taken with tweezers. In 2016 already, we had planned the release of collapsible phone from Samsung in 2017, and the following year also, the same thing happened. It is clear that now Samsung will introduce innovations with the Galaxy X.


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