‘New’ K3 scores quickly: half a million albums sold

No, that K3 has been given three totally new faces, the group has done no harm. In three years Hanne, Marthe and Klaasje sold half a million albums. Good for a special award. And then there will be a new album tomorrow.

500,000 times the albums ‘10,000 air balloons’, ‘Ushuaia’ ‘Love Cruise’ and ‘Roller Disco’ – which is released tomorrow – were already sold. “That is really a lot. I cannot go well with it”, says Hanne proudly. “It is fantastic to hear, because it is a sign that we are doing well. I think it is a very nice compliment and a very nice confirmation after three years of K3.”


‘Roller Disco’ is the fourth album of K3 and is one of which most songs are sung by the youngsters. Besides ‘Luka Luna’, and ‘Whoppa!’, ‘Love gives you wings’, ‘La la later’ and ‘More beautiful than you think’ catches the eye. The latter is a soft ballad with a message of hope: ‘The world is more beautiful than you think’. “It’s my favourite song on the album”, says Klaasje. “I can still remember the moment when composer Alain Vande Putte played the song for us for the first time. We were on team weekend in the Ardennes when he suddenly picked up his guitar and started to sing. I was completely enchanted.”


In addition to the comic strip ‘Roller Disco’, which will be released on 21 November and the planned Sinterklaas shows, there is more good news for the fans: next year Marthe, Hanne and Klaasje celebrate 20 years of K3 with a show in the Pop-Up Theater in Puurs. Where currently the musical ‘40 – ‘45 runs. All major hits from the last 20 years will be covered, as will their latest songs. “Special about the show is that we will be with 80 ballet dancers”, says Marthe. Also, the driving stand will be taken from the dust again. “The children can dance with the headphones and admire us from all perspectives. It will be a great experience!”, Hanne expects.

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