New York in turmoil for exotic duck at Central Park

The famous Central Park in New York is currently being flooded with bird spotters, photographers and tourists. They all try to catch a glimpse of the exotic mandarin duck that has recently been darting through the park. The colourful appearance does not normally occur in New York.

On social media, Americans massively explain the love to the animal. The mandarin duck is so popular that he now has his own twitter account. The New York ranger John McCoy suspects that the bird will soon leave for a warmer place. He advises visitors to the park not to disturb the bird too much.

Last week ‘Mania’, as the bird is affectionately called, seemed to have disappeared. The panic struck. ‘Let’s go, I’m so scared’, a loyal fan twittered. “This makes me nervous”, writes a concerned citizen. “My prayers go out to Mania,” another says.

The males of these colourful birds have a dark red beak, a long, drooping crest, chestnut whiskers. And two gold-colored tarps on the wings, which can be set up to impress females and other males. The photogenic bird pops up in our regions every now and then. These are escaped birds or birds that have been released by humans.

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