Nicki Minaj: “Fighting with Cardi B was scary”

Nicki Minaj denies that she made obnoxious remarks about the daughter of Cardi B. These rumors had arisen, after the two last week Friday were on the fist during New York Fashion Week.

“These are all lies,” said Minaj yesterday in a radio program from Apple Music. “I would never ridicule someone’s child. It is so sad that people accuse me of that. ”

Why the two did get along with each other, Nicki did not make it clear in the conversation. She did, however, know that the fight was scary and humiliating.

Nicki did nothing physically about the scuffle, but Cardi was photographed later in the evening with a big bruise above her eye. According to Variety, she suffered the bruise after a collision with one of Nicki’s bodyguards, who took the two apart.

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