Nigeria: 13-year-old boy burn alive by his mother, see reason.. (photos)

Obioma Odum, a 13-year-old boy, died in tragic circumstances.

His mother, Chinyere Odum burned him alive, after he stole an MP3 from their neighbour.

A eyes witness of the facts says that Chinyere severely beat up the boy, and then dragged him into the kitchen to spray him with oil and set fire to force Obioma to confess.

He was later rescued by community youth who broke down the door when they saw smoke coming out of the kitchen.

According to the witness: “The youths took the boy out of the kitchen after turning off the fire. But when they transported him to a nearby hospital, he had already suffered up to 54% burns. He was later transferred to the Federal Medical Center, Umuahia, and later to the University of Nigeria Medical Center, Enugu.”

Obioma Odum, the father of the deceased, said, “I was not at home when the incident occurred. I was at the place of work when my elder brother called me to tell me that my wife and her friend had set my son on fire.”

“When I got home, some young people rescued him and took him to the Umuahia clinic,” he said.

He continues.. “I was at peace with my wife until she was taken to a place where she turned into someone else.”

“One day she split my head with a machete because I had asked her to end her extra-marital relationship with a man,” he stressed.

The young mother has been arrested and is awaiting for judgment.

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