Nigeria: Governor Ganduje collected bride price not bribe – Senator Ben

Ben Murray-Bruce, Senator for Bayelsa East, has revealed what happened in the viral video of Kano governor Abdullahi Ganduje, who reportedly received a bribe of about $5 million from entrepreneurs in the United States.

The Senator insisted that the sum of the money collected by the governor Ganduje was “bride price from his in-laws after the marriage of his daughter earlier this year.” He called on many Nigerians to “stop being mischievous!”

It was on Sunday’s news that it was said that the operation to capture the governor in the chamber began two years ago when one of the contractors agreed to plant a spy camera in his kaftan lapel while offering the bribe.

During the approximately 10-month effort to capture the bribery/bribery scenes, the governor’s face and body were clearly captured in nine clips, while six others did not clearly reveal the governor’s face. It was said that around $ 5 million dollars were delivered to the governor in total.

The clip has stirred reactions online as some Nigerians describe the development as a ‘shame to the Buhari led administration, who claim to be fighting corruption.’

But reacting via his Twitter page, Murray-Bruce claimed that the dollars Ganduje allegedly received was not for bribe rather bride price.

He wrote: “I have been reliably informed that the man was not collecting bribe. The dollars he was caught on cameras collecting was bride price from his in laws after the marriage of his daughter earlier this year. Stop being mischievous!”

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