Nigeria: No Northern governor can effortlessly allocate land for churches – Bishop Kukah

The bishop of the Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Kukah, accused the governors of the north of marginalizing Christians in the region.

Kukah said no governor in the north would “effortlessly sign a certificate of occupation for the construction of a church” in the region.

He said it during the launching of sectarian schools and social disorder and quarantine schAools in northern Nigeria in Abuja.

The cleric also alleged that some tertiary institutions in the north of the country had refused, over the years, to allocate spaces in their facilities to their Christian students.

He said: “Now that I am speaking here, be it Bayero University, Usman Dan Fodio University, the majority of universities and tertiary institutions in northern Nigeria, Christians have no place of worship after more than 40 years of existAence. These universities, the areas where the intellectuals, those who will govern Nigeria, this is where they are.

“Until today, when I speak to you, you cannot find a single governor in northern Nigeria who signs an occupation certificate for the construction of a church without effort.

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