Nigeria to parade at Cameroon’s annual military parade

Cameroon celebrates this Sunday its national holiday, placed this year under the theme of unity. As every year, the head of state will attend a large military parade in Yaoundé.

But this time, Nigerian troops will also participate in the military parade. A new sign of warming relations between the two countries.

The Cameroonian president has made it a habit to invite a country from the region to participate in the military parade. But according to a Cameroonian political scientist, it is not trivial to see Nigeria in the ranks this year.

This Sunday, May 20, 180 elite soldiers of the Nigerian presidential guard march to Yaoundé. A strong symbol, preceded by the visit of the Nigerian Chief of Staff less than a month ago, and which seals the rapprochement between the two countries.

Ten years after the end of the Bakassi Peninsula conflict, global warming has accelerated with Muhammadu Buhari coming to power in 2015. It must be said that the Boko Haram threat made reconciliation urgent. Today, the two countries are collaborating in the fight against the terrorist group and each has authorized a right of pursuit on its soil.

More recently, Nigeria has sent another strong signal by arresting and sending to Cameroon figures advocating the secession of the two English-speaking regions of western Cameroon. Personalities including Yaoundé claimed extradition and who have been held incommunicado since last January.

According to a Cameroonian political scientist, collaboration could strengthen in this area, because Nigeria is wary of a possible separatist contagion and does not intend to serve as a base for a secessionist movement.

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