Nigeria: Parents name his son Zuckerberg for this reason

A Nigerian activist, Vure Kingsley, named his son Zuckerberg in honour of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

According to the Dad, he gave this name to his son because he met his wife on Facebook. He also revealed that he has won a lot with Facebook.

He wrote:

Those who know, know…
“Vure Kingsley Ovonix Snr met Vure Victory on Facebook just a few years, we have put together and now we agreed to get married there a year ago…… Facebook means different things to me, I have benefited of Facebook, for some Facebook is bad, for others Facebook is very good… All his choice.

“In honour of the founder/CEO of Facebook, my wife and I agreed to name him (his son) after him.

#Vure #Rex #Zukerberg #Ovonix Jnr.

“To God be the glory.


Would you be able to name your child after Mark Zuckerberg?

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