Nigeria: security operatives needed N317 million to feed dogs and horses for 2019 election

In Nigeria, the security operatives has demanded sum of N317 million (882,987.65 United States Dollar) to feed their horses and dogs that would be used for the 2019 general elections in 36 states of Nigeria.

In details, the NSCDC requested for N310 million for their dogs, which will cover dog’s feeding and administering of drugs that will be deployed in various states for the forthcoming elections, while the Police said N7 million is being required for the feeding of 50 horses.

According to the police demand, the horses would be used for patrol across states in Nigeria during the forthcoming election.

According to reports from Punch, the demand is contained in a virement proposal for the 2019 election sent to the National Assembly by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The document also indicates that the total police budget for the election is N30.5 billion; the Office of the National Security Adviser, N4.2 billion; the Department of State Services, N12.2 billion; NSCDC, N3.5 billion and the Nigeria Immigration Service, N2.6 billion.

In his letter, the president had requested a total virement of N228.8 billion, largely allocated to new projects “inserted” in the 2018 by the National Assembly to offset part of the proposed cost of funding the 2019 general elections.

The balance of N242 billion needed to fund the 2019 elections will be captured in next year’s budget.

The NSCDC needs a total of N1.2 billion to prepare for the election.

The virement request read in part: “Medical and general expenses for dogs, N143,782,000; feeding of dogs: N166,315,000. Hiring of speedboats: N499,500,000; welfare packages (contingency of N7,000 per state and FCT) N259m; accommodation allowances for monitors: N185,000,000.”

Also, the police budget this year for the election is N679 million, with N7.7 million earmarked for feeding of horses and N100 million for printing of non-security materials. The police also asked for N87.5 million for the maintenance of aircraft and N407 million for maintenance of the vehicles to be used for election monitoring.

The budget says: “Feeding of 50 horses: N7, 719, 454; maintenance of existing vehicles for 2019 elections for the period of 20 days: N407, 400, 000.”

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