Nigeria: The eyes of a dead child stolen from a morgue

Morgue workers from the University Hospital of Port Harcourt were arrested for allegedly removing the eyes of a twin who died of anemia on August 3, 2018.

According to Sunnewsonline newspaper, the child’s father, Sunday, had returned to pay morgue fees when he discovered that Chuma’s body, 18 months old, had been mutilated.

He said the hospital’s morgue workers could not explain how, when, and why the body parts were gone.

“Even when the baby was still breathing, one of the nurses approached me and asked me to pay 30,000 Naira for the baby to be buried somewhere. I was very angry. From that moment, they became nonchalant.”

The child’s father says he was not allowed to take pictures of the body. “I was so angry that I wanted to fight the morgue workers. Finally, I gave them the body. On the same day, I reported the case to the Rivers State Police Command; the next day I contacted my lawyer and wrote a petition to the police commissioner on 18 September. Until today, my question to the morgue is: what happened to my baby?”

State Police Commissioner Ahmed Zaki confirmed that Sunday had written a petition and an investigation had been opened.

Source: sunnewsonline

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